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Grade 3 Multiplication This app develops the foundation of multiplication. G3M expands students\' ability to interpret products of whole groups and solve for missing factors within 100. The focal point is recognizing arithmetic patterns, applying properties of operations as strategies, and solving two-step word problems.
Grade 4 Multiplication This app promotes fluency of numerical facts up to 12 to solve multiplication equations including two-step and multi-step word problems. G4M students utilize multiplication properties as strategies based on place value, arrays and area models to solve function tables, 2-digit by 2-digit and 4-digit by 1-digit equations.
Grade 5 Multiplication This app develops fluency in multiplying multi-digit and decimal equations using the standard algorithm. G5M students solve expressions by means of orders of operations and properties of multiplication as useful strategies. G5M is a solid introduction to algebra, preparing students for the transition to advanced courses and their accompanying complexities.

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