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Like its name implies, VocabularySpellingCity (formerly just SpellingCity) is a Web site that aims to teach and reinforce vocabulary and spelling. The site was launched in 2008 explicitly for spelling practice, and added enough vocabulary activities that the site was renamed in 2010. (Writing practice activities have also been added in the last few years; no word yet on whether a name change to VocabularySpellingWritingCity is on the horizon.) The site automates the use of weekly word lists: teachers can enter their word lists and the site integrates them into its 26 different activities and games, which can then be used on interactive white boards, computers, or mobile devices. The games are fairly familiar word searches, crosswords, scrambles and a version of Hangman called HangMouse but the way the site automates and populates the process can be helpful to teachers and parents.Many activities can be also be printed, and the Teacher Resources section includes standard printable worksheets.

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