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Kuboo is the safe choice, allowing you to manage your kids online social activities, viewing and sharing, and of course game play! Starting with a home which acts as their online headquarters, kids can select their own styles and decorate it as they like. From within the home they can view movies and live events, with your approval. Just down the street they can find all kinds of sports and games to play and a whole world to explore.

Kuboo is an exciting and rich world with fun and educational destinations. To start with, kids can meet each other on the Town Square playground, go into the sports stadium for football or soccer games, ski down the slopes of Snow Mountain or ride a half pipe in Skateboarding. There are also plenty of puzzle, brain teaser and other mini-games spread across the Kuboo world. And that world is constantly growing as we add new zones, each packed with a large selection of all kinds of games!

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