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Conceptua Math, an innovator in digital K–8 math curriculum, was founded by a team of leaders in K-12 educational publishing with a mission to help teachers teach and students learn in a visual, conceptual, and meaningful way. Arjan Khalsa, CEO, and Ed Murphy, CTO, shared leadership roles at IntelliTools, Inc., where they served school districts throughout the United States and broke new ground in visual learning for students with disabilities. Conceptua Math is grounded by scientific research with patent-pending technologies that enable visual and conceptual understanding. Conceptua Math ushers in a new era in which teachers and students use digital, visual manipulatives to master difficult math topics.


Interview with Conceptua Math Co-Founder, Arjan Khalsa.

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    Conceptua Math is an elementary and middle school, online Common Core curriculum that transforms the teaching and learning of mathematics…

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