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Forefront Math Corporation was founded in 2009 in preparation for an emerging demand in education for online, instructional content, assessment and data management tools. This demand, in one of the nation's largest industries is being prompted by state and national legal mandates, new national standards, and evolving research based educational practices. For the past 3 years Forefront Math has worked with Boulder Valley School District's more than 200 elementary teachers whose feedback has been incorporated into successive design improvements. We have also recently partnered with the Math Learning Center to provide the data collection system for their Bridges 2 curricular materials currently being marketed across the USA. Forefront Math's unique cross-platform data collection tools are content agnostic and designed to serve the needs of large, small, public, charter, and private education systems, and of creators of instructional materials. Our system has the flexibility and data tracking systems necessary to serve today's dynamic school environments better than any system currently available. We know teachers are instrumental to meet the challenges of education. Forefront Math designs its products to empower teachers and improve instructional decision making. Our financial success will directly correlate with our ability to demonstrate student growth, and to respond to the rapid technological advancements of our time. Forefront Math is prepared to harness the power of new technologies and put it into the hands of educators everywhere to help them to achieve their aspirations of success for all students, and in the process build a lucrative, lasting presence in this $174B industry.


Interview with ForeFront Math Founder, David Woodward.

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